Message João Paulo Rebelo

Message from Your Excellency the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport,

João Paulo Rebelo


These are events such as the AMB Volleyball Cup which, as Secretary of State for Youth and Sport, because I had the honor and pride to witness to the performance of my duties, make me feel the fullness of the areas I am responsible for, Youth and Sport. .

This tournament is indeed special. Its quality over eight years and, above all, the sustained way in which it has grown in the number of athletes, teams, clubs, countries and, as a result of this growth, the logistics and infrastructures that this organization had to respond to maintain this excellence. , it is to be praised.

In Espinho, in 2016, I witnessed the category of this organization, as well as the massive adhesion of the population. I therefore owe a word of thanks to the Municipality of Espinho, for being a partner of this and other events, which dignify the National Sport.

Not surprisingly, it is considered one of the biggest youth volleyball events in the world.

I want to highlight that in Espinho I could verify the respect that our young athletes feel for two great athletes in the history of our Volleyball, João Brenha and Miguel Maia. It is with the strength of his example and so many other athletes that honor Portugal that we will be able to involve more and more young people in the practice of sport.

I reinforce this way of living sport, with competitiveness and sharing, with emotion and companionship, which motivates more and more young people to see sport as a field of acquisition and affirmation of values, which structure and strengthen each and every one to be better citizens.

I end with an appointment. That I will return to Espinho in this mandate to once again convey to you a word of encouragement and appreciation for the work you are doing.

A big hug and see you soon.

The Secretary of State for Youth and Sport,
João Paulo Rebelo