João Brenha Message

Academy Maia & Brenha Sports Association

It is filled with a sense of satisfaction and joy that once again, we will conduct the V AMB Volleyball Cup in Espinho. The increasing success, rapid and sustained this great event fills us with pride and commits us greatly to this year leave an indelible mark in the recognized value of this organization. We have been dignified by clubs around the country, from north to south, from the Azores to Madeira! The estimates of Nuestros Hermanos, with a high number of Spanish teams, is equally one cause for rejoicing for everyone, not forgetting the teams of Angola, Mexico, Brazil, the Netherlands and Bélgica.É ambition of this organization expand the presence of more teams to the four corners of the world! We want to continue to grow and provide athletes, coaches, managers and all other elements of entourages, moments of happiness, conviviality, well-being and the achievement of all objectives and the achievement of the best results of desportivos.Gostaria remember that we are in an Olympic year and will be a great honor to celebrate humanity in this great event.
I am sure it will be so!

João Brenha