Miguel Maia Message

Academy Maia & Brenha Sports Association

It is with great pleasure that I am here talking about the AMB Volleyball Cup.
This is a full successful event, which has been growing from year to year, but always in a sustainable way and with a lot of ambition, in order to provide all the sharing of experiences, gaining new knowledge and discovery new friendships.With a capable and competent structure, formed mostly by people linked to sport and with the support of the City of Espinho, in the person of its President Dr. Pinto Moreira, we are committed to improving every year and so we can provide to young people, unforgettable moments either in competition or in fun. In the last year we have had some changes to improve the sporting quality and everything that surrounds the event. Improve and increase the restaurant, we have created a place of leisure and entertainment, improve the quality of the parties and had the sport of developing quality and flawless.It is a unique experience that no one will forget lifelong and in that sense, I am convinced that the AMB Volleyball Cup will be part of the development and growth of each athlete and the aggrandizement of their sports curriculum.Our project is very ambitious and want to continue to improve it for us definitely become a reference tournament the World level. At this level we have had in the last year teams from three continents.Different cultures present and the contact with new realities sports, will make by participating in our tournament, leaving Espinho with more experience and more friends.As a logical corollary of this work well done, this spirit and this ambition we seek to instill in our team, we will certainly continue to win and convince volleyball practice lovers.I leave a word of appreciation to all the volunteers, "staff", entities and sponsors, taking the opportunity to thank all the support and commitment that have had since the first edition of our tournament.The "All-Star Game" will now for the 5th consecutive year, always full of surprises, animation and color, and I am convinced it will be again one of the highlights of our event, with television is a full house.maximum ambition is our motto! Therefore, we continue to prepare in detail all the details so that nothing is missing and that all carry on baggage and heart, the best memories of this great living in a city that "breathes volleyball" and that surely will receive and cherish those who visit us during this week. For those who come to follow the teams, enjoy our city, gastronomy and summer sports.
Good luck to all, enjoy your presence in the tournament and have fun! And come out even stronger and more complete at the end of V AMB VOLLEYBALL CUP!

Miguel Maia